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Green Peak Advisors

Financial Status Reports

Declutter and Demystify

If you have a folder or box of financial correspondence that you do not understand, you are not alone! Many American expats and other English-speakers struggle to make sense of the Hebrew paperwork that their financial service providers send them. A suspicious person might think that they don’t want you to understand what is happening to your money!

Green Peak Advisors are here to unscramble the mess and produce a neat summary of all your assets – in English. We will review all your current policies, pensions, insurances, and investment accounts, and let you know if you have too much or too little, and whether your savings are performing as well as they should be.

Green Peak Advisors are here to unscramble the mess and produce a neat summary of all your assets - in English.

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Check the Small Print

Our lives are just too busy! We glance at the annual statements that arrive in the mail, but we don’t really understand what they mean. Olim often don’t realize that they are missing out on investment opportunities. American expats who have to file taxes in the U.S. tend to focus on their annual report rather than the bigger picture. We can help you to understand where you stand now, and what your financial future looks like.

At Green Peak we enjoy a good paperchase, so don’t be embarrassed if your financial paperwork is a huge mess. We’ve probably seen worse! Let us take away all your paperwork headaches and clear your path to a brighter financial future.

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Bring in the Financial Detectives

We have uncovered surprises for many of our clients, including serious mistakes that have been made, forgotten pensions from former employers, duplicate insurance policies, and neglected assets. Most people are more focused on earning their money than keeping track of what is happening to it.

Many American expats miss out by not having native Israeli parents and grandparents to advise them. Which of us has the confidence to approach our bank or pension fund and negotiate better interest rates or lower fees? Did you even know that was an option?